Musings on Theology, Politics, & Culture.

Reflections from a Rush Baby

Rush Limbaugh’s robust appreciation for and unashamed celebration of a conservatism that welcomed all with outstretched arms made him an honorary member of so many families that, in turn, connected us with each other. I knew the day was coming for over a year now, but I still wasn’t prepared for it. Hearing that distinctContinue reading “Reflections from a Rush Baby”

A Gratitude List That Really Works!

Have you ever struggled with discontentment as a believer? Has the dazzling centerpiece of God’s sovereignty around which the accent jewels of the perfectly-set grace doctrines ever appeared a little lackluster? Sometimes, while we embrace the marvelous truth that every circumstance is ordained by God’s good hand, in practical living, when painful trials come, ourContinue reading “A Gratitude List That Really Works!”

Book Review | Rare: A Young Woman Who Fears the Lord

Young ladies in our society, not excluding those in the church, are fed a steady diet of lies about womanhood. So determined to suppress truth, the culture is more than willing to risk an array of blatant contradictions that undermines its own facade. Social media influencers, for example, proudly exploit their own bodies in monetizedContinue reading “Book Review | Rare: A Young Woman Who Fears the Lord”

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